first announcement / 6th European Conference on Brain stimulation in Mental Health 

Lisbon, Portugal, 11-12 April 2024




The next ECBS in mental Heath will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, Champalimaud Foundation

April 2024,  11 - 12th  


EU Reclassification of TMS and tDCS to Class III -

Action to be taken


If  you are in agreement with the concerns stated in the ESBS Manifesto about the EU Reclassification of TMS and tDCS equipment to Class III devices, we kindly ask you to protest this decision : HERE

HORIZON TWINNIBS (Twinning for Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation Bootcamps)

A Bootcamps dedicated to the early-stage researchers (ESR) is organized by TWINNIBS.

The details are on the project website:

TWINNIBS aims to strengthen the research and innovation capacities to tackle main challenges in the multidisciplinary field of non-invasive brain stimulation (NIBS). 


Bootcamp is a small-group mentorship program for early-stage researchers (ESR, e.g.,  any researcher who has not yet obtained a PhD degree, including master students, PhD students, medical students - graduates, and undergraduates) etc. The program is designed to develop ESRs’ skills and collaboration networks, as well as to provide them with research experience and mentorship support.

You could encourage your young colleagues to apply. 

There are no restrictions in terms of ESR country/institution – so please use all your communication channels to promote the opportunity.