Working Group 5 - Communication, dissemination and knowledge transfer

Initiated by Ana Ganho-Avila & Jerome Brunelin

Leaders: Stefanie De Smet & Raquel Nunes Guiomar


Aim: The European Society for Brain Stimulation aims to offer the most updated theoretical knowledge and practical expertise on NIBS. These resources should be outlined as a framework to inform research, trial design, clinical practice, and regulatory decisions associated with manufacturers' standards. Therefore, proper communication and engagement with the stakeholders (the scientific community, end-users [e.g. health practitioners/carers, patients and patient advocacy groups], manufacturers, policy-makers, regulatory bodies, health care funders, and communities) and the dissemination of the ESBS activities to expert and non-expert audiences is a critical endeavor to position the ESBS at the core processes concerning European R&D, Industry, and market of non-invasive brain stimulation methods. 

Additionally, WG5 will secure the implementation of the ESBS policies on gender and geographical representativeness;

To fulfill these two goals, the WG5 and the ESBS Committee shall develop the four-year-long Science Communication Plan (SCP), detailing the communication strategy and plan, outlining the objectives, target audiences, communication channels, visual identity, communication tools, and monitoring indicators. The SCP describes the different tools, channels, and means of communication that will be implemented throughout each Committee mandate. The SCP should also describe the target groups of the dissemination strategy and outline the key dates related to planned actions and events. It contains the main strategic and operative guide that shall govern the overall ESBS dissemination and communication activities. These guidelines will help to ensure that relevant information is shared with appropriate audiences on a timely basis by the most effective means.