Terms and Conditions


  • All prices are in Euro (EUR) and include administrative fees of 2.95%+0.28€.
  • We accept VISA, MasterCard and Invoice-Only as methods of payment. Credit card charges are included in the administrative fees of 2.95%+0.28€.
  • Online registration using this website is the only valid form of registration. Submission of an online registration is regarded as a firm booking (subject to availability) and an establishment of a contractual relationship upon acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • Deadline for online registration is Tuesday, 10th October 2017, by 23:59.
  • Please note that the merchant name reflected on the Attendee’s credit card statement will be:   ‘Munich Neurophysiological Congress‘ .

2nd Brain Stimulation Conference in Psychiatry • 2017 Registration Information

  • Registration entitlements include:
    • Admission to the MNC scientific sessions
    • Admission to the MNC exhibition
    • Buffet lunch (where applicable)
    • Coffee and tea break (where applicable)
  • Please note that the registration fees do not include:
    • Travel arrangements
    • Accommodation
    • Admission to additional special courses that take place before and after the conferences
  • Payment of the registration fee must be made in full either prior to arriving at the Congress venue or directly on-site. Attendees are advised to carry a copy of the proof of their payment in the event that they are requested to display a proof of payment at the registration counters.
  • Payments of   ‘Early Registration’   fees must be received no later than Thursday, 9th July 2017, by 23:59. We reserve the right to charge a  ‘Late Registration Rate’  if  ‘Early Registration’  fees have not been received by 23:59 on Thursday, 9th July 2017.
  • The  ‘On-site Registration’  fee shall apply to the on-site registrations directly at the Congress venue  12-14 October 2017. In this case, banking-related charges of any kind shall be disbursed by the Attendee. The  ‘On-site Registration’  fees apply as follows: EUR 500.00 for non-members, EUR 400.00 for members and EUR 300.00 for  students.
  • All prices are Value Added Tax (VAT)-exclusive as per §19 of the German Value Added Tax Law. In accordance with the Kleinunternehmerstatus (small business owner status) exception defined in §19 of the German Value Added Tax Law, we do not collect or display VAT.
  • Accompanying a registration fee priced for students,  ‘Student Identification’  or proof of qualifying student status must be submitted online. In  case  of a technical error occuring during the registration process, a copy of the Attendee’s Student Matriculation Card may be emailed to the Congress Secretary at payments@eeg-munich.com. Provided that the registration takes place on-site, Attendees must be able to prove their student status where  needed for the registration process.
  • Attendees will receive their confirmation of registration along with their ticket electronically, via email.
  • Attendees are required to print their  ‘Online Name Badge’  prior to checking in at the Congress registration counters.


  • Cancellation of registration, especially refunds of any kind concerning such a cancellation, shall not be applicable in  case of an  ‘On-site Registration’ .
  • If the cancellation of the registration is inquired, a notice of cancellation must be emailed to the Congress Secretary at payments@eeg-munich.com no later than Tuesday, 1st October 2017.
  • If the notice of cancellation is received no later than Tuesday, 1st September 2015, fifty percent (50%) of the registration fee will be refunded. If the notice of cancellation is received after  Tuesday, 1st October 2017, or you do not attend the Congress, or simply no notice of cancellation is received per email, no refund will be issued. In these cases, Attendees remain liable for the full registration fee.
  • In the event of a cancellation, Attendees shall ensure a receipt by the Congress Secretary that their cancellation has been acknowledged.